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The Real Ways To Make Money Online – 8 Scam Free Opportunities

Sure, you see it all the time all over the internet – “make money online now!” “Earn 5 gagillion dollars in one month!” “how to make money online foreal!” But chances are, they are all scams, and you know after trying all of them that there wasn’t any money to be made. Or, you would get sucked in and give your credit card information, only to realize you lost your money and have nothing to show for it. So, what are the real ways to make money online? Most of these opportunities listed won’t make you a fortune, but they are scam free and you can genuinely make money from them.

1. Sell Your Junk Mail

This method will not give you a livable wage, but it is legit. We all get junk mail, at home and in our email, and this company will pay you in Visa gift cards for it. SBK Center will reward you for sending in your junk mail (postage paid) and even junk emails. You can realistically expect to earn about $20 every 6-10 weeks. Those who own their own business, like myself, can earn a little faster. You can click here to check them out!

2. Fix Search Results

You can make about $12 per hour cleaning up search engines’ (like Google, Yahoo and Bing) search results. Search engines use complicated algorithms to bring you the results you need when searching for something. Sometimes though, they get it wrong, and they need humans to help fix any problems. You Googlewill be working as a “search engine evaluator” as an independent contractor. You will need to pass their qualifying tests first. It is pretty good money for an online “job,” but it has its downfalls. Sometimes work may not be available and it’s pretty hard on the eyes. You can check out one of these companies (Leapforce) that pays for your evaluating by clicking here.

3. Become a Transcriptionist

You can earn up to $25 per hour being a transcriptionist from home. Some companies will require you have special equipment, but there are a few out there that will hire beginners, like TranscribeMe! Essentially you will be listening to audio files and typing out what you hear. TranscribeMe will require you to pass a test, and you will have to be put on the waiting list before beginning work. If you cannot stand repitition, this job is not for you, but it pays well for an online “job.” Click here to check out TranscribeMe if you are interested.TranscribeMe

4. Work for Amazon

There is a program I discovered recently called Amazon Mechanical Turk. You will essentially be completing little tasks (as quickly as possible) and earn approximately $50 per month. This is not a livable wage, but great if you just want a little extra money. You can click here to check it out!

5. Get Paid to Write Articles

If you love to write, there are a few sites out there that will pay for your articles. You can make a little extra cash using this method (or you can check #8 below for a way to write articles on your own website andwrite articles make full-time income). One website that is looking for people to submit articles is You can get paid up to $50 for your article if they decide to publish it.

6. Sell Your Skills on Fiverr

You can literally sell just about anything on Fiverr. You will get $5 a gig for whatever it is you do or sell. After Fiverr takes their cut and Paypal takes theirs, you will get about $3.92 per sale, which doesn’t sound like much. Some people actually make a full-time income using this site. In order to become successful, you will need a product that costs you almost nothing, or a gig that only takes a few minutes of your time. There are many ways to use Fiverr and I have listed a few examples below. Get creative and try it out! Click here to sign up.

  • prank phone callFiverr
  • messages on rice
  • video tutorials
  • small crafts
  • writing
  • online research
  • your own ebooks
  • logo design
  • draw a customer as a cartoon
  • promote a business on social media

7. Become a Freelancer

At, you will find millions of projects in many different categories that need to be done. Employers post these projects online to find someone like you to complete them. With the many different categories, you are sure to find something that you can accomplish for someone else. You will place your bids on projects you like, and if the employer likes you, you’ll get a message. Click here to check this out.

8. Create a Website for Full-time Income

By far, the best way to make money from home is by having your own website. Many people will stay away from this method because they don’t know the first thing about creating a website and making money from it. What if someone could walk you through the website building process step-by-step and Wealthy Affiliateshow you how to earn a living from it? Well…there is a website out there that does just that! Without providing a credit card or anything, you can try out Wealthy Affiliate for free!

You will get the beginner training course for free and 2 free websites to get you started! You will also have 7 days of support from the entire Wealthy Affiliate community, and they are amazing. Any questions you may have about making money or creating your websites can be answered by these people. The training also includes step-by-step video tutorials that literally anyone can follow and understand.

Essentially, the way a website makes you money (without having to sell products you own) is through affiliate marketing. Think about the last time you googled a product, read some reviews, clicked a link on a website and purchased that product. That website owner got paid for your purchase. Millions of website owners make full-time income just by having websites that have a little “advertising” in them. Your website can be about any topic in the world, and you will make money from it.

If you are wondering how people will find your website and click your links, Wealthy Affiliate covers that too. You will be fully trained in “keywords,” which are essential to your success. Basically, keywords are how you get ranked higher in search engines, so people will find your website(s).No more empty pockets

It does cost about $10 to buy a domain name, then you need somewhere to host it. There are many hosting websites out there, but Wealthy Affiliate (with a premium membership) will host all of your websites for no extra cost. Hosting can be pretty expensive and tricky sometimes, but at Wealthy Affiliate, you get the hosting, all the training and the community support for about the same price as other hosting service providers (that only provide hosting).

Wait! I thought you said FREE? Yes, you can try this Wealthy Affiliate out for free! You still get the 2 free websites, which are free, no domain purchase or hosting purchase required. You will get the beginner courses and much more. You can be totally successful with everything you get for free from Wealthy Affiliate. I, myself, am a premium member because of all the added training and benefits, but being premium is not a requirement. 

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Wealthy Affiliate

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6 thoughts on “The Real Ways To Make Money Online – 8 Scam Free Opportunities

  1. This is a great information. It is the first time I hear about the options 1 and 2 you mentioned in the text. As for the option 8, I can only confirm what you write. Thanks for sharing this with us. Jovo

  2. Great information Russell! These are very helpful for me as I try to create some extra income. Which ones do you recommend for someone with very little internet or computer knowledge?

    • Thanks for your question Young! Even without much internet or computer knowledge, I think Fiverr and Freelancer are easy to navigate, and the things you use those sites for can be totally unrelated to computers. Also, number 8, building a website, can be done by those completely computer illiterate, because the training at Wealthy Affiliate is so easy to follow. Let me know if you have any more questions :)

  3. I feel like you actually gave us a few unconventional ways to go about making money online, although I think building your own website and blog is ultimately the best, because it builds your name and brand all together. The faster you build your name, money just wouldn’t even be an issue.

    Anyways I really like this!
    Matt TheDopestMatrix

    • Thanks Matt! I definitely agree with you on that. If you have a website, you can do pretty much anything with it. If you use the other 7 methods, having a website will further your success with those as well. Thanks for stopping by :)

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