How to Make Money Affiliate Marketing: 3 Solid Steps to Success!

There are 3 solid steps that every individual needs to make before they will see any success in affiliate marketing. Want to make money affiliate marketing? Then please read on and add these to your toolbox!

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When I began my walk down the affiliate marketing road I admit to being thoroughly confused! The dynamic I understood. Companies need to sell their products. That means they need to leverage the traffic from my websites. I in turn get paid when someone who visits my website makes a purchase. Simple enough. The part I didn’t get was the process of how to make money affiliate marketing.


Hopefully by the end of this post I can alleviate some of your own confusion by passing along some useful information.

Small Business

First things first.

1. You’re going to need a web hosting company.

That means you will want affordable web hosting for a small business. That is what you are after all. Do your research with this one because the web hosting company that you decide to go with will be of the utmost importance. I liken it to a marriage of sorts. Unless you get it right the first time, you’ll just end up doing it again…Only with less money and more headaches than you started with!

  • What seem to be the pros and cons of the company you are looking at?
  • Are they focused more on up-selling you and revenue generation than they are on you as an actual person?
  • If you decide to host multiple websites, how much will it cost you for each additional website?
  • Do they offer you step by step training on how to actually build your website?
  • How user-friendly is the interface you will be using to build your website?

Best Affiliate Marketing Programs Beginners

These questions and many more need to be answered before you choose a web hosting company. If you don’t I promise you will be in for a few nasty surprises and bumps along the way. I know because I did it. Lucky for you I can take out all the guesswork. Go Here for my reviews of what are 3 of the top web hosting companies on the internet with a list of their pros and cons.


2. Once your web hosting company has been selected, how will you drive traffic to your website?

Ahhh the reason we have websites at all isn’t it? Someone out there needs what is on your website. How are you planning on reaching them? Do me a favor and open a new tab, go to Google, type whatever your website will be about into the search bar, and hit enter. I’m willing to bet thousands if not millions of results pop up. That means one of two things. An aggressive advertising campaign, which can be quite expensive, or you have to figure out a way to get your website ranked high enough that people will see it. A daunting task to say the least.

Small Business

There is so much information on any subject you can think of, that without the proper strategy your website is lost in the quagmire of the information superhighway. There has to be a way though right? There is. It’s called proper keyword use. Keywords for those who aren’t familiar with the term, are those tricky little treasures that search engines like Google and Bing latch onto when crawling your website’s information, to properly categorize and shuffle you into the mix.  In the yester years of the internet search engines were quite a bit dumber and people were getting their websites ranked with a technique referred to as keyword stuffing.

Search engines have come a long way since then as the Google tech geeks finally realized that half of the websites didn’t even make sense. The content that was being generated served no practical purpose to the viewer. So they made a change and overhauled their ranking system. Viewer friendly content was much more desirable and the search engines began ranking those websites much higher as a result.Wealthy Affiliate

So what about the Keywords? More vitally important than ever. The trick is finding the right keywords to get ranked under. A Google search will reveal a myriad of keyword finders but I highly recommend reading my article on that very subject. Go Here to Read How to Search for a Keyword


3. Last but not least “Content is King”


As mentioned above, the search engines have gotten wise to the spammers and the content you offer on your website must offer something to the viewer. This is one of the reasons that the number of social shares your pages are getting has become important. The search engine looks at that and will give your pages a higher ranking because it sees the social shares as passing along valuable information. You have offered your viewers that information, they gained value, so they passed it along in their social circles so that others could see the value.

Best Affiliate Marketing Programs BeginnersMakes sense right? Obviously if what you’re putting out there is hot garbage, people will move on to the next website. The one where the value is.

Are you bringing something to the table with your website?

Does your content flow from one section to the next? An example of this is when I visit a website filled with grammatical errors. I personally am not going to give someone weight as an “expert” on a given subject if I can’t understand what you’re trying to relay. I will move onto the “value” website. That person may know exactly what they’re talking about but I’ll never know. Keep your content relative, as free of errors as possible, and informative.

You want your website visitors to come back.

People who return to your site over and over because you keep offering them value will pass your pages along to their friends who share the same interests. All the while this continues to generate more and more traffic for your website. For more Information on Content Creation Go Here.


So let’s do a quick recap.

Choose the right Web Hostselect and use properly the right Keywords, and Content is King.

By following these 3 tricks you will find yourself way ahead of the game before you even have the first page of your website put up. I can guarantee that the time and headaches, not to mention the money you save, is well worth the homework you put in. I personally spent quite a bit of money finding these things out on my own. Ultimately the goal of our affiliate websites is to make money, not spend money. Don’t start out by making poor business decisions. Instead learn from the people like me who already have!


Have a comment? Feel free to leave it below! Like what you read? Help someone else out and pass the information along!

8 thoughts on “How to Make Money Affiliate Marketing: 3 Solid Steps to Success!

  1. Those 3 tricks are definitely the essence. What you also need is patience. Success does not come over night, and you don’t want to miss it when it comes. So one should follow the tricks and wait enough time for it to come.

  2. Hi there!
    These 3 steps to Success are brilliant! Clear, well thought through but most of all…do-able!
    This kind of information is just what people need to get them started in their new business ventures.

  3. Very interesting thank you.

    It is important what you say here as I am under the impression people think they can earn a living online by plugging into something automatic and sitting back and watch the dollars roll in.

    It takes work just like any other form of job/career and doing it online does not need to be as scary as it first seems.

    With sites like this laying things out in simple form it should boost peoples confidence to give it a try.



  4. Russell,
    Great way to point out the correct route to Affiliate Marketing Success. Many people get one or two of these correct, but it will take all three steps to lead to making your business prosper.

  5. Hi Russell! Thank you very much for writing such a detailed and easy-to-read article on the topic of making money with affiliate marketing. The steps you’re discussing in the article are so important because people want to find what they’re looking for right away. You’re right when you say that half of the websites don’t make sense. I know it from my personal experience.

    What you say about keeping blogs free from grammatical errors, I can’t agree more. However, there’s always the difference between American English and British English. Then there’s something called “personal touch”, which, in my opinion, makes a blog post stand out even more. What do you think?

    • I completely agree with the personal touch assessment. Colloquialisms can be very effective when creating a brand. And indeed there is a difference between the versions of English. What I was more referring to is the individuals who misuse words or cannot tell the differences between Your and You’re, their, they’re etc lol

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